How To Speed Up Your Computer

Many people would like to know how to speed-up their Windows PC. There are many things that can be done to make a Personal Computer faster. I will provide as much information as possible to help you make your personal computer faster.

First, you want to uninstall unwanted software. Sometimes your personal computer comes preloaded with software that you don’t even use. This can be uninstalled by following three simple steps.

Step 1: Click Control Panel

Step 2: Click Programs and features

Step 3: Right click a program and select “Uninstall” button.

Step 4: Follow the steps on your screen. Uninstall all unwanted software programs.

Another great tip is to run a Windows Disk CleanUp. This scans your personal computer for unnecessary large temporary internet files. These are also known as program installers. This will also give you a chance to uninstall programs that you no longer use.

It is important that everyone has an antivirus software program. I cannot express my strong belief in this software. These are all great ways to speed up your personal computer. There are other ways too.

You should also run an Action Center Troubleshooter. Action Center is a flag icon at the bottom of the screen. You click that. The Action Center looks at error reports and checks for solutions. It can identify out-of-date hardware drivers and software updates.

Another good way to speed up your personal computer is by defragging your hard disk. This allows retrieval to data storage on a hard disk. Defragmentation is when you add and remove files on a computer. Computer saves those file in the nearest available free space on a hard drive. So basically it is the process of deleting old files and adding new files, which causes the file data to be spread out over larger areas of the drive surface. This can be done in six simple steps.

Step 1: Click the Start menu and choose Programs, then Accessories.

Step 2: Click System tools

Step 3: Click Disk defragmenter

Step 4: The Select Drive window appears, click Setting

Step 5: Check “Rearrange program files so my programs start faster” and “Check the drive for errors.”

Step 6: Click OK to defragment drive C:

The next thing to use is the software Reginout System Utilities. It fixes errors that often crash Windows, applications or browser. It improves operational speed of computer programs. It allows you to play games without lagging and makes internet faster through its awesome technology.

Fix Your Computer With Online Computer Support Services

With computers becoming a craze even in the remotest part of the world, people are fast recognizing the value of computer support services. The resources offering such suite of services are best suited to assist customers requiring troubleshooting PCs, installing software applications, virus/spyware removal, and other critical issues like blue screen of death error.

As such there are some tools given in computer to help the user troubleshoot the system. But, you may feel the need of professional help at times. With availability of a plethora of computer repair sources on the Internet, there is no dearth of good service provider. The process is the simplest, cheapest but one of the most self sufficient service for tech savvy consumers.

Everything is taken care of by Microsoft Certified technicians and expert computer engineers who are 24×7 available. Customers can easily reach these resources through a simple toll free number. Not only the general computer users but also the small businesses are finding these PC help services useful.

Some of the services that are commonly available with computer repair resources are PC Optimization, Internet optimization, troubleshooting PC error messages, Antivirus installation, fixing Outlook errors and other email errors etc. there are various factors that you must look out before narrowing down ion any computer support company:

Responsiveness: Select a resource which ensures its availability when you need it. Depending on your requirements for repair service, you may talk to the technician. Don’t shy to ask about the credentials of the technician handling your problem.

Credibility: Check for references. Search for reviews about the company and make sure that the company responds and is there with you at the time you need it – be it anytime.

Pricing: There are a number of options available with computer repair resource. They help you save a significant amount as you don’t need to haul your PC anywhere. You are getting everything at the convenience of your own premises.

Experience: It is always suggested to take a round through the service provider’s website. It will give you the right feel about the company, its experience, kinds of services and pricing.

What Is Computer Troubleshooting? Here Is Short Guide

The usage of the Internet not only provides you information and getting up to date rather it also poses you to security threat so it is of prime importance to stay assured of your personal computers security. If there is any threat that causes your system to malfunction you always can browse online for tips to troubleshoot your computer and make it healthy again by your own self instead of wasting your hard earned money for getting it done by professionals.

By taking small and basic steps you can ensure that your system is protected. Install anti-virus, anti-spyware and firewall to stay protected. At the start when computers were invented the troubleshooting was not an easy task people spend lots of money to get it to keep going even if it needs a prick to work again. But with the passage of time computers emerged as reliable machines and become a vital part of daily life. Moreover, the rise of Internet and accessibility to information easily now common users can perform basic tasks to troubleshoot their computers all by themselves.

It’s your assignment and you have all in mind you just need to write the report but “duh” I switched on my Personal computer many times but it is not working. What to do? There are perhaps multiple reasons why your machine has ditched you but you can always check to fix it if the problem is minor in nature. Check the outlet if the plug is correctly inserting try running another electrical device from the same outlet to ensure its working or supplying power. Now my central processing unit is running but what happened to my monitor the screen is not visible and the power button is not blinking.

Check that all sockets are correctly inserted and power is supplied to it through CPU. If the power button is on and the screen is blank perhaps there is something wrong with your display of images. You perhaps need to get professional help or need to repair or install new video card to run it properly again. If the windows beta software is causing problems and giving error messages or shuts down unexpectedly.

Restart your system, scan your computer by running the anti-virus that has proved effective in past. If the problem still persists format your personal computer and reinstall windows from the recoverable compact disk. If there is any problem with running external device try updating the drivers after installing them correctly. Make sure they are compatible with the platform and plugged in correctly If the computer is moving with tortoise speed you need to clean the hard drives, cache, de-fragment the disks, scan your system occasionally, clean the registries and free your desktop from unused icons.

Perhaps increasing the size of physical RAM is also useful. If your Internet is working slowly attach the cables properly, make sure the firewall is not blocking the required application if so, change the settings and unblock the applications. Do clean your temporary Internet files and cookies for optimized speed

By following these tips you will only need to consult the professionals when your system is suffering from a major problem only saving your resources.