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Free Melody Generator (Super Low Tech)

Did you ever wonder how many possible melodies you can write of 14 notes and less?

Well the answer is: 87 billion possible 14-note melodies and that’s with NO rhythmic variations and no note repeated! (With notes repeatable, it’s 11,112,006,825,560,ooo).

So how do you narrow down that many choices to just one song? Your song? Well the real secret is to use your heart or your gut or your intuition – depending of course on what it is you are writing. But if you find that all too confusing and you are not in a truly creative state but want to create nevertheless then there is one thing you could try.

Take a piece of paper and draw seven columns on it with the seven notes ABCDEFG written in each of the columns. Now continue the alphabet so that H goes behind A, I goes behind B, J behind C – around and around until you have completed the alphabet and have letters behind each of the seven musical notes.

(If you can’t manage this take a look at the one on my website – link is below)

This is a sort of melody generator and can be fun to use!

So – how to use it? OK – so stop for a moment and clear away whatever thoughts you are thinking. Now think about someone you love – or someone you miss – or someone you remember. Don’t worry – there are no correct answers! I just want you to start feeling something. (Please remember music IS emotion!)

Now write down their name.

The name I thought of was my daughters name, Claire.

Now look up each of the letters in the name in the columns and substitute any none music letter with the corresponding musical letter – i.e H becomes A (because it is in the A column!)

Now work through the letters of the name you chose. I will now do this with the word C L A I R E to give you an idea of how it works.

OK, so C will stay C because it is a musical note name.

L will be E because it is in the E column.

A will stay A because it is a note too.

I will be B

R will become D (are you getting it?)

and E will stay E again.

Leaving me with the melodic notes of CEABDE.

Now all you need to do is reach for a piano or guitar and play those notes while feeling the emotion you felt when you thought about that person. Try playing the notes in different patterns and intervals – but don’t forget your feelings.

Once you have done that start experimenting with different (DIATONIC – look it up!) chords underneath it! And explore both the notes and harmony.

Now using the musical ideas you have generated write a song!

And if you think this is stupid just remember that it was good enough for BACH who wrote one his most famous fugues around the notes in his own name.

Once you have completed this try any words you like!